Odyssey Poker – Beginnings

The idea for Odyssey Poker started one summer afternoon in 2017. My brother Adam and I were discussing a new game he thought up; a new way to play poker in multiple dimensions. It was based on a game he had played many years back called Solitaire Poker, but in the past twenty years, he hadn’t seen any version of that game that he thought was worth playing.

Breaking out a deck of cards, Adam introduced us to his version of Solitaire Poker. After a couple of rounds of this game in front of several family and friends, the two of us started to think creatively about what we could turn this game into. We knew that the game was going to be complicated with actual cards due to the math needed to keep score on each of the lines. After playing for 30 minutes, all the family and friends were fascinated by the game play.

Lucky for us, I have many years of experience as a web and mobile app developer. I started building the architecture and the working prototype based on the game we played that afternoon. It took about two weeks to get something built that was even playable. Our first thought was that the game seemed fun but it was far from ready for real users. After a couple months, we at least had a working version of what became our Adventure Mode. Most functionality in the game wasn’t working too well, but we started showing the game to others, and the feedback poured in from every direction.

Based on feedback we received, we added a versus and challenge mode to make the game more universal and allow for head-to-head matches and social interaction. Many of the power ups and boosters were original ideas by us or our friends. Without the feedback from the initial group of players, this game would not be as far along. We are very thankful!

To be fair, we feel like Odyssey Poker is just at the beginning stages and we look forward to receiving more feedback once the game has gotten some traction with people who enjoy playing the game. We have found that playing poker in multiple dimensions is a learned skill and the more you play, the better you become. We have created a YouTube channel for tutorials and board walk-throughs for anyone looking to get the hang of it.

Adam and I have been showing this off to friends for the past several months, and I think it’s almost good enough for us to launch. Until then, stay tuned… send us a message if you’d like to play our demo or want to be notified when we release it. It will be available for iPhone, iPad, and Android shortly.

Evan Kanter
Mutt Ninja LLC
Odyssey Poker
Founder and Developer

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